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Information and Resources about Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Essential MS is a resource guide and information center. All of the opinions and suggestions are intended to help you with your journey to a healthy life. We want to promote dialogue, curiosity and cooperation between all patients, family members and care-givers to speed up the process of uncovering the cause(es) of MS as well as other neurological illnesses.

Products promoted and sold through this web site are offered at a competitive price to you and all profits are dedicated to research into the role of dental pathology in CCSVI, MS and neurodegenerative illness in general. (including Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, ALS and Autism)

Direct donations to EssentialMS can be made through IMI Charitable Foundation and tax reciepts will be issued. These funds will go directly to research efforts.

Disclosures: Dr David Williams obtains his personal income through his private practice of dentistry in Okotoks Alberta, Canada. Any financial connections with sales and promotions or corporations on this web site are 100% devoted to research and education.

Disclaimer: All suggestions on this web site have been included as a support for your health. NO direct diagnosis of your personal needs or health have or will be implied by the site or any of the products mentioned. Your health is your exclusive responsibility and your decisions to use any product should be made after carefully thinking about your own history, conditions and experiences. We try to explain the purpose of each element and the reasons for using it. If you have any questions or comments about the purpose, effectiveness or value of a component, please let us know. Your input is vital!

Help Us: If you or a family member suffer from anything from head-aches to MS and have found something that makes you feel better, please let us know about it.


This web site has three purposes:

1) To educate patients in the broadest possible perspective of what is known about life, MS and other neurological diseases. (yes, just living is a neurological disease: How we handle it determines our perception of wholeness and happiness)
2) To suggest ways to minimize the impact of the disease and move toward healing and recovery. We provide resources in each area of suggested help that encourage both healing and collaboration in the healing of others.
3) To encourage curiosity, creativity and collaboration in searching for answers to the big questions: What causes this problem? and What will heal this problem? How can this be prevented?

We believe that every aspect of our existence must be examined until serious answers are discovered. We are looking into many aspects of neurological illness including:
-the role of dental health in neurological illness
-from toxins and pathogens
-from physical stress on the skull, neck and fluid dynamics
-the psychology of stress and the physical ramifications of related sleep disturbance and bruxism (grinding the teeth)
-the role of bacterial pathogens like Burellia Burgdorfii (Lyme disease) and dental infections in vascular inflammatory responses.
-the role of trauma on skull stability as well as its impact on cellular components of the brain.
-the health of the vascular endothelium and why CCSVI happens in the first place. Why do the veins re-stenos after treatment? etc.

When ever a treatment can be found that is helpful, inexpensive and makes sense we will suggest it and facilitate its implementation.

If you try something and it works WE NEED TO KNOW! If you try something and it doesnt work or makes you feel worse WE REALLY NEED TO KNOW. We want to learn as much from what doesn't work as from what does.

It is clear at this point that we are dealing with multiple factors and influences. Each patient will need to take responsibility for their own health and work together to find a pathway to wellness and a full life.

Please educate yourself and work closely with a care giver that really cares to decide which things you should try, in what order and what this all means.

We recommend doing as much that you can to give to others, help, listen, play, laugh, connect and be a blessing in someones life......NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL! See Cami Walker's book 29 Gifts.

Suggested book list:
Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Braden
The Open Focus Brain by Les Fehmi
Parallel Thinking by Edward de Bono
Flow by Csikszentmihalyi
The Art of Possibility by Benjamin and Roz Zander
The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd


A personal note from Dr. David E Williams, DDS:

Hello from Okotoks, Alberta and thank you for joining me on this web site. We are in the rapid development stage so please be patient and check in often as we are adding new material daily. I look forward to making a contribution to your life and health and hope that you will return the favour by sharing your knowledge and experiences if you consider them to be of value to others who suffer with neurological problems. One thing I know for sure, the world of dentistry is not a peripheral part of brain and general health. The unintentional walls that exist between the professions (because we are trained to see clearly only in our area of expertise) are thinning and must be breached or circumvented if we are to solve the mysteries of neurological illness. Where the maddening description "with no known cause" is applied to a disease condition, we need to always throw in "yet" at the end of that phrase. If I can find anything that improves a patients comfort, promotes hope and allows them to live life more fully while we press forward in the cause of creative curiosity, I will recommend it, provide it and promote it with all I have. If they notice something new or see things differently than I do, they may have the BIG ANSWER! Good for US. We will not find answers under a science rock somewhere. We will build connections and create purpose in helping each other. (see 29 Gifts by Walker) As we work together and learn to feel true empathy for those that suffer, we will create solutions that work for them and us. If I am wrong about this at least there will be more communication between investigators, patients and care givers and the rigorous science will be applied after the causes are found not before.




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