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Dr David E. Williams is a native Albertan who loves the mountains of Waterton Park. (Mountain "DEW") He married Sharon Baker of Lethbridge and they have five children and 19 grandchildren. He recieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Vertebrate Zoology from the University of Lethbridge in 1970. He graduated from the University of Alberta dental school with a DDS in 1976. His interest in MS began in dental school and his early clinical experiences convinced him that dental conditions play a significant part in head and neck pathology including neurology. His ideas found favor with MS researchers such as Charles Poser of Boston (recently deceased) who coined the term "MS trait" and George Ellison of San Diego. In his travels he has met with Annette Funicello and Augusto Odone (Lorenzo's Oil) . Extensive anatomy studies and bioengineering work with Dr. Nigel Shrive (of the Canadian research council at U of C) lead to a research project completed in San Diego with Dr. Alan Hargens (of NASA) which demonstrated the instability of the cranial bones in live MS patients during jaw clenching. This important discovery may be a factor contributing to CCSVI and was just published in July 2011. Dr Williams is a member of the ISNVD devoted to the study of CCSVI and is a director of the Board for the National CCSVI Society. He has been asked to present his research at the up-coming ISNVD meeting in Florida in February 2012.

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