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Aqualizer Dental Splints

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aerobic oxygen The Aqualizer®’s unique water system:


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Aqualizer® Size Selection

All models of the Aqualizer® are available in three different vertical dimensions: “Low,” “Medium,” and “High.” The vertical dimension (thickness) is controlled by the amount of fluid in the Aqualizer®.

Medium volume Aqualizers® are used by most (90 percent)

Low volume Aqualizers® are for patients with inadequate freeway space (or those sensitive to anything in their mouths) who may find the minimal vertical dimension more comfortable.

High volume Aqualizers® are used when a patient has excessive freeway space or needs a greater vertical dimension to fill the space between the upper and lower occlusal surfaces.

Aqualizer® Model Selection

Aqualizer® Ultra: The Ultra is a new improved version of the Aqualizer® designed for increased gum comfort and improved retention. It is used for average size mouths. Our best seller.

Aqualizer® Mini: The Mini is the new improved Ultra shape with smaller pads and arch size. It is used for kids and small adult mouths.


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Please include customer number 1669-P.

Each Aqualizer will be $30 plus shipping CAD.
Please include full name, phone number, address for shipping and size of Aqualizer and mention customer number 1669-P.
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