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Aqualizer Q & A:

What is an Aqualizer?
The Aqualizer is a simple water filled device that is placed between the back teeth. When correctly used it allows the jaw joints to "float" to a neutral position so the muscles of the head and neck can relax. The Aqualizer web site should be carefully watched to gain an understanding of its use. Please invite your dentist to watch all of the Videos on the Aqualizer web site to gain an understanding of how to use the Aqualizer as a help in obtaining long term results for your specific jaw and bite conditions.

How should it be worn?
Simple directions are included in the packaging of each Aqualizer. Place the device in you mouth with the "foamy side" up under you top lip and the water pouches flipped down and resting between your back teeth. The device is held in your mouth by your lip and cheeks as your teeth rest on the pads. The Aqualizer is meant to be used with the jaw muscles totally relaxed. This takes some mental effort at first since we reflexively may chomp down on it hard enough to burst the water seals. For this reason the device should be worn while sitting up and fully awake for several days before using it at night. Wearing it at night is the main objective and will bring the greatest benefits.

How should I take care of it?
The Aqualizer should be thoroughly scrubbed on all surfaces with a toothbrush after each use. It may be rinsed in with mouth wash and stored dry in a closed container when not being worn. (See caution about pets below)

When I start sleeping with it between my teeth should I worry about swallowing it?
Anyone with compromised swallowing reflexes should not wear the device at night. The normal oral reflexes naturally reject foreign objects from the mouth during sleep so once you have become accustomed to the device and feel relaxed while wearing it you can easily sleep through the night with it in place. Wearing it through the sleep period (even when taking a short nap) will bring the greatest benefits for your health.

Can it be popped?
The jaw forces and shape of your teeth can easily pop the Aqualizer. Once the pressure is gone from the device it should be discarded and replaced. To check the device: with both hands, hold it with each bite-pad between your thumb and index fingers. If you squeeze one side, the other side should enlarge as the fluid flows through the joining tube.

Can I still wear it if I am missing some back teeth?
The device is not custom fit and you should be able to slide it around until teeth rest on it on both left and right sides. It is only effective if the back teeth rest on the pads. It can definitely be worn while wearing dentures or partial-dentures.

How long should it last?
The device comes with no guarantees and can be popped under extreme biting forces. With careful, gradual use it can be worn successfully for many months. Some patients have found that the device keeps them comfortable for years although it is not intended for long term use.

What if I find it difficult to fall asleep with it in my mouth?
Do not become discouraged if this happens. Just wear it as much as you can during the day and then try it every few nights until you can wear it through the night. It is totally normal to wake up with it MIA (missing in action). Furry pets are notorious for gnawing on plastic objects that have the taste of your saliva in them. If you sleep with a pet nearby....Good Luck!




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