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Tooth Brushing Technique

This technique is to be performed once a day, ideally before bed.

Once you have completed your thorough brushing technique throughout the mouth, take your manual toothbrush and angle the bristles at 45 degrees into gums.

This will place the bristle of your tooth brush into the gum pocket where your gums meet your teeth. With firm pressure slightly jiggle the toothbrush head and roll the tooth brush head so the bristles bend and extend under the gums. Lift and shift to the next 2 teeth and repeat above instructions. This will help to disturb the plaque under the gum line and allows it to be rinsed away.

Very important that you do not scrub the gums but firmly jiggle the tooth brush once it is in place. This technique does not clean a large area, so you will need to overlap as you move the tooth brush around the arch on both the cheek side and the inside of the mouth. We recommend that you count 4 to 5 areas per side so all areas get "jiggled". That should come to 32- 40 spots total throughout the mouth.

At first this may cause some discomfort and bleeding. Aloe Vera juice can reduce this discomfort and the bleeding will stop in 3-5 days. Your brush bristles will be permanently bent in 3-4 weeks and thus we recommend you replace your toothbrush at least monthly.

Happy Brushing.




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