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Aerobic Oxygen:
Why should I take this?

In CCSVI the problem is "transit time". Blood carries a certain amount of oxygen from the lungs to the brain. With the slowing of the blood flow from CCSVI, blood passing by the brain cells is also slowed down. The slowed passage of blood allows more oxygen to be released into the brain until the blood has a lowered total oxygen content. As the blood then passes by other brain cells there is not enough oxygen left to support healthy brain function.

Aerobic Oxygen is a simple salt solution that has high levels of oxygen stabilized in it. This is similar to hydrogen peroxide but it can be taken internally and only releases it's oxygen in the presence of body tissues that need the oxygen. (much like the interaction between the body and Hemoglobin. Taking 20-30 drops of this liquid three times a day over a long time helps to elevate the available oxygen in the body.

How might this help me?
We suspect that patients do well on a consistent increase in available oxygen. Obviously more oxygen in the blood is going to make the brain function better even if the blood flow is slowed by CCSVI. The other reason has to do with the pathogens or opportunistic "critters" in the system that are a source of inflammation and toxins. Many bacteria and viruses do poorly in the presence of elevated oxygen. (Called Anaerobes) Taking A-Oxygen should have a positive impact by simply making it harder for the germs to grow. In a way this is like getting an aerobic workout without the work.

What if I feel worse?
There are several reasons. There may be a detox reaction leading to loose bowels or headaches. Decrease your dosage and increase slowly to the recommended dosage. You may feel worse because of the effect of the oxygen on certain types of bacteria. Some bacteria are not happy losers. The oxygen may cause them to die off and release more toxins into the system. This has been called a "Herx reaction".

What should I do if I feel worse on the Aerobic Oxygen? Stop taking it. AND...
You may need to have a closer look at the bacteria that you have on board and reducing them as outlined below before going back on the A-Oxygen. You can have your blood analized for CRP or C-reactive Protein. This is a measure of the inflammation in your blood stream. You may be suffering from complications of spirochetal infection. See Book by Dr. Nordquist DDS Stealth Pathogens.

The implications of the involvement of spirochete bacteria in CCSV patients with Lyme disease suggests that bacteria may be a factor in other patients with CCSVI. Spirochetes are also found in the gums around the teeth in patients with gum disease.

We recommend that you stop taking the liquid Oxygen and focus on making sure that your gums are perfectly healthy. (See section on gum cleaning). We are assuming that you have already ruled out Lyme disease by having blood tests sent to Igenics laboratory for evaluation for Lyme antibodies. This is thought by some to be the only way to know if you have the Lyme bacteria. Because of the stealth nature of the spirochetes in general, this is not the end of their consideration as elements in the CCSVI puzzle.

AND.... let us know about your experience.

Can I increase the dose of oxygen if it isn't working?
Yes you can. Just increase by five drops per dose until you feel better.

Will the salt in the A-oxygen be bad for me?
No...just make sure you are well hydrated. Drink more water.

Can I take Aerobic Oxygen with other medications?
Yes we have not found any contraindications with any medications.

Can I take Aerobic Oxygen while I am pregnant?
Yes, Oxygen is very important in the development of the fetus as well as helping to strengthen the immune system.




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