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Proargi9 Q & A

What is Proargi-9?
ProArgi-9 is a powdered formulation of pharmacy grade amino acids (l-arginine) and other supplements that have been shown to improve vascular health when taken over a period of time. It should be taken after mixing with water or juice.

Who should take it?
LIke all supplements, you should use caution when starting a new substance. Anyone who has been diagnosed with CCSVI has compromised circulation. Proargi-9 has been used to greatly improve the blood flow in patients with arterial sclerosis and heart disease. Some patients with MS have found it to be very helpful in reducing their symptoms. People who just want to be healthier have taken it to help with their level of general fitness. Even weight trainers use it to help between workouts.

What dosage should I take?
It is suggested that several scoops a day are a good place to start. The dosage can be increased at your own discretion.

What are the side effects?
The most common side effect is loose bowels. Reducing the amount taken and then gradually increasing again will usually correct this condition. If it persists stop taking the Proargi-9.

How else can I benefit from Proargi-9?
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